As taking pictures becomes simpler by the day, artists seem to be clamoring to see who can invest the most time and effort in the production of a photograph. The increasingly elaborate staged photo to painting is undoubtedly impressive. However, 36-year-old New York art star Anna Cooper’s complex research oil painting from photos bring serious […]

Robert Houle’s relationship with art institutions is historically critical to his art production. My first introduction to the artist was in 1999 at Art in Bulk who sell cheap paintings. At that time, I was a curatorial intern in the contemporary art department and was assigned to work with the artist to hang a temporary […]

FRAMING FEMINISM Art and the Women’s Movement 1970-1985 The Book: edited and introduced by Rozsika Parker and Griselda Pollock (Pandora, 1987, 9.95 [pounds sterling]) The Discussion: London ICA, 21 January THE DISCUSSION Framing Feminism was advertised by the ICA: ‘Artists Sutapa Biswas and Lubaina Himid discuss the past and future of feminist art in postmodernity […]